The EA does not trade - no trades are opened.

This is a little more difficult to determine, as it can have many reasons.

The most common reason is that the broker used (depending on the account type) has 2 charts for a currency pair. Both charts are identical and the EA can also be inserted into both charts, but only one chart can be traded with an EA.
Please then change the chart and run the EA on this.
Some brokers with the respective suffix:

  • Pepperstone – Suffix .r – EURUSD.r
  • IG Markets – Suffix .FX – EURUSD.FX
  • IC Markets EU – Suffix .a – EURUSD.a

The best thing is to send us a few screenshots of the Expert Advisor including the settings.
In addition, it is very helpful to obtain information from the terminal from the "Expert" and "Journal" tabs.

Here you will also find error messages from the EA and the MT4. An error analysis can usually be made from these.
Die Screenshots und einer Fehlerbeschreibung schicken Sie dann bitte an unsere Mail-Adresse

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