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At first glance, forex trading is not recommended for beginners. It is mainly intended for professionals, which does not mean that inexperienced traders do not have the opportunity to get started. Before participating in forex trading, one should simply study the subject intensively. The forex trader must be aware that not only extremely high and fast profits can beckon, but also the total loss of capital. Even for very experienced market players who know the market very well, there is still a high risk, but it can also be very rewarding.

The time required for FX trading is very high. Although the brokers usually help with the development of a profitable strategy, the trader still has to spend a long and intensive time on FX trading before he can participate successfully.

Beginner's luck is not very common among traders, the market is too complex. To minimise the risk, it is advisable to open a demo account with a broker beforehand to slowly get a feel for currency trading. After some time and more experience, you can then switch to real money.

And this is exactly where you can fall back on a tried and tested system created by profit traders! All the experience of the pros is transferred to your MT4 accounts in this simple Expert Advisor. You don't have to learn the market situation and watch many indicators to find the perfect trade - you just have to install our Forex Trading EA in your MetaTrader4 and the trades will be copied.

Trading example:

  • Starting capital: € 5,000
  • Traded lot size: 1.00
  • Number of trading days: >50
  • current capital: >97.000 €

We have already been over 100,000 € - but losses are part of trading, just like profits. So stay with it...

(Unfortunately, we cannot give any guarantees for the future that this success will continue to be achieved).

Currently, over 30 symbols may be traded with the Forex EA. These are the most common currency pairs on the market (no exotic symbols) and gold.

These are currently (subject to change):


In the "Forex@ForexDax EA" you can exclude some assets by entering them in the "ExcludedAssets" field in the settings or by adapting them to your broker - "Change Symbol" field. How the XAUUSD to GOLD (XAUUSD, Gold).

Or trade only certain pairs. To do this, enter the pairs to be traded in the "Include Assets" field (separated by commas). For example, "EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY".

Forex EA – Standard Strategie

With partial closing at approx. 35 pips profit and redraw StopLoss

Here you can find the current pips from our MT4 trading account.

Click on the graphic to get more detailed information about our trading account.

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Forex EA – Erweitert Strategie

with complete closing at 30 - 35 pips profit

Here you can find the current pips from our MT4 trading account.

Click on the graphic to get more detailed information about our trading account.

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We want to make this as easy as possible!

Our "Forex Trading Expert Advisor" for MetaTrader4 trades, once installed, independently. For this, the EA receives the signals from our server and trades them on your own account. These trades are then managed by the Expert Advisor. You do not have to make any (or only minimal) settings for this - but you can adjust the trading to your needs in the settings of the EA.


You rent the Expert Advisor from us for different terms. This gives you enough time to test the system and convince yourself of its performance. In the member area you can extend, cancel or pause the EA or you can decide on a different term.

Here you will find the current terms for monthly or annual rent or as a one-off payment. This means that the EA is yours for an unlimited period of time.

You already have an account with us? - No problem - simply log in and select the FOREX EA in "Subscriptions":

Forex EA

59 for 3 months
  • optional to try out the system
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Easy to use via MetaTrader4
  • incl. support
  • ends automatically
  • No term extension

Forex EA

599 399 LIVETIME
  • Never miss trades again
  • Easy to use via MetaTrader4
  • one-time payment - no further costs
  • incl. support
  • No time limit
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