Installation service

Installation service VPS and MT4 instances

We offer you the complete installation service on your VPS (Virtual Private Server). This must be a Windows VPS, as MetaTrader4 only works here.
This service is aimed at all users who want to trade quickly and easily.

We offer you:

  • Setting up the service for trading including all updates (also for Windows).
  • Installation of the "MetaTrader4" software from your broker on which all our Expert Advisors are to run.
  • Activation of the MT4 account numbers / IP addresses in your user area on our website.
  • Installation and setup of our Expert Advisors and functional testing on your MetaTrader4 instances on the server.

Necessary information for us:

  • IP address of your server
  • Username and password of the server
  • Your broker with a link to the broker's MetaTrader4 - otherwise we unfortunately cannot install the MT4.
  • The MT4 account number and login details - so that we can also start and set this up.

After completion of the work, all data transferred to us - IP addresses, user names, account numbers, passwords, etc. - will be deleted! We therefore no longer have access to your data.

What is not included in this package:

no Managed Support: We completely set up your server with MetaTrader4. After completion, we hand over the server again. From this point on, you are responsible for maintenance and updates on the server. However, our support will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

no Managed Trading: We do offer software for trading on the stock exchange. However, we are not a financial service provider and do not manage customer accounts! When you participate in trading on the stock exchange, you are aware that you may lose the capital you have invested. Please read our risk policy. You will find further information on our "Conditions of Purchase".

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35 once per server
  • Windows server is set up for trading
  • all MetaTrader4 instances are installed
  • Activate the MT4 account numbers / IP address
  • Installation and setup of our Expert Advisors
  • Function test is performed

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    To activate your MT4 in your account with us, we need the login data so that we can enter this information. However, you can also do this yourself.

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