Swing Trading EA

Swing Trading

Trade medium to long-term trading movements of currency pairs

Swing trading means entering and exiting a trading position within a usually short period of time, often within one day (day trading), but also over several days. Positions are selected with the help of short-term chart signals.

The approach of swing trading is that medium and long-term price movements basically consist of so-called swings. This means that a currency pair never moves linearly in one direction, but is always subject to short-term price fluctuations (so-called swings).

These swings always take place in every stock market phase, regardless of which market phase the stock markets are currently in. There are smaller and higher-level swings in a bear, sideways or bull phase; sideways phases are often the most interesting opportunity for successful swing trading. Swing trading is generally more of a short-term trading strategy, as positions are mainly entered into and liquidated in the range of a few days to weeks, but sometimes only hours.

Advantages and disadvantages of the swing system

Let's start with the advantages:

  • Long-term trends:
    With swing trading, we benefit from the fact that trends form long-term price developments. By analysing them well, we can invest in trends that are still inactive and achieve returns throughout their entire movement.
  • Cost-efficient trading:
    Some brokers charge fees for every transaction. This applies, for example, to the spread, the difference between the buy and sell price. Strategies such as day trading are therefore less cost-efficient as they are based on many transactions in a short period of time. By holding currency pairs for longer, we do not have this problem with swing trading.
  • Analyses with many indicators:
    Analyses based on long-term periods are more reliable than short-term trading, where you have to react particularly quickly to signals that may turn out to be deceptive. Because we hold currency pairs for longer and look at price movements over the long term, we have more data and the opportunity to recognise reliable patterns.
  • Not bound for the long term:
    Compared to other forms of investment, such as a savings plan or property, investments in swing trading are liquid. In addition, by capitalising on short-term movements within long-term trends, we make profits more quickly.

You see, there are many advantages that sound tempting. Nevertheless, it is important to look at the disadvantages as well. These would be:

  • Learn trading knowledge & tools:
    Although we do not have to constantly monitor prices, swing trading also requires effort. This consists of learning the markets, their tools and the corresponding background knowledge in order to be able to analyse them reliably.

  • Accumulation of swap costs:
    Instead of accumulating costs for each transaction, holding currency pairs for a longer period of time incurs potential fees in the form of swaps. These are interest payments that we pay as long as we hold the financial instrument overnight.

  • Share price performance after close of trading:
    As we spend less time on monitoring, it can happen that we miss important developments. This is fatal if something happens during the close of trading (e.g. political events) that causes the market to tip immediately the next day.

  • Riskier stops:
    Due to the long-term orientation, stop orders that are wider pay off. The generous stops give us higher potential returns. This leverage effect also applies to losses.

  • fundamental trading risk:
    Speculation on the stock market always carries a risk. Things that are beyond our control and occur unexpectedly cannot be planned for, even with good analyses.

Our Expert Advisor takes care of minimising the disadvantages as far as possible. It receives the signals from a profit trader or a sophisticated strategy and trades them on your account.

The EA opens, changes and closes the trades, just like on the professional's account.


Only the leverage of your account should be at least 1:200. Otherwise the profits will be lower. There should also be at least 1000 USD / Euro in the account so that all trades can be placed by the profit trader.

In addition, please do not set the lot size too high (max. 1 % of the capital), as our system also opens several long-term trades in the Grid-System . In total, we always exit the swing with a profit.

Trading example 1:

  • Starting capital: € 5,000
  • Traded lot size: 0.5
  • Number of trades: >490 (in 2021)
  • Current capital: >€ 26.000

Small but nice!
With continuous lot size, we have generated €26,000 within 3 years from €5,000 until now.

(Unfortunately, we cannot give any guarantees for the future that this success will continue to be achieved).

Trading example 2 - percentage of capital - theoretical:

  • Starting capital: € 5,000
  • Traded lot size: depending on capital (0.1 - 90.0)
  • Number of trades: >2400
  • current capital: € 600,000

This result was only achieved on a DEMO account and does not reflect the results on a real account! Lot sizes of 90 will be executable here by very few brokers.

(Unfortunately, we cannot give any guarantees for the future that this success will continue to be achieved).

We want to make this as easy as possible!

Our „Swing Trading Expert Advisor“ for MetaTrader4 trades, once installed, independently. For this, the EA receives the signals from our server and trades them on your own account. These trades are then managed by the Expert Advisor. You do not have to make any (or only minimal) settings for this - but you can adjust the trading to your needs in the settings of the EA.


You rent the Expert Advisor from us for different terms. This gives you enough time to test the system and convince yourself of its performance. After expiry of the term, this rental is automatically terminated. You can extend the EA in the member area or you can decide on a different term.

Here you will find the current terms for monthly or annual rent or as a one-off payment. This means that the EA is yours for an unlimited period of time.

You already have an account with us? - No problem - simply log in and select the SWING EA in "Subscriptions":

Swing EA

59 for 3 months
  • optional to try out the system
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Easy to use via MetaTrader4
  • incl. support
  • ends automatically
  • No term extension

Swing EA

349 199 / year
  • long-term use
  • Easy to use via MetaTrader4
  • Pause and resume payment
  • incl. support
  • Annually cancellable

Swing EA

599 399 LIVETIME
  • Never miss trades again
  • Easy to use via MetaTrader4
  • one-time payment - no further costs
  • incl. support
  • No time limit
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