MT4 Error Messages – Error Code List

Fehlercodes, die von einem Handelsserver oder einem Client-Terminal zurückgegeben werden: #

Error codes returned from a trade server or client terminal: #

ERR_NO_ERROR0No error returned.
ERR_NO_RESULT1No error returned, but the result is unknown.
ERR_COMMON_ERROR2Common error.
ERR_INVALID_TRADE_PARAMETERS3Invalid trade parameters.
ERR_SERVER_BUSY4Trade server is busy.
ERR_OLD_VERSION5Old version of the client terminal.
ERR_NO_CONNECTION6No connection with trade server.
ERR_NOT_ENOUGH_RIGHTS7Not enough rights.
ERR_TOO_FREQUENT_REQUESTS8Too frequent requests.
ERR_MALFUNCTIONAL_TRADE9Malfunctional trade operation.
ERR_ACCOUNT_DISABLED64Account disabled.
ERR_INVALID_ACCOUNT65Invalid account.
ERR_TRADE_TIMEOUT128Trade timeout.
ERR_INVALID_PRICE129Invalid price.
ERR_INVALID_STOPS130Invalid stops.
ERR_INVALID_TRADE_VOLUME131Invalid trade volume.
ERR_MARKET_CLOSED132Market is closed.
ERR_TRADE_DISABLED133Trade is disabled.
ERR_NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY134Not enough money.
ERR_PRICE_CHANGED135Price changed.
ERR_OFF_QUOTES136Off quotes.
ERR_BROKER_BUSY137Broker is busy.
ERR_ORDER_LOCKED139Order is locked.
ERR_LONG_POSITIONS_ONLY_ALLOWED140Long positions only allowed.
ERR_TOO_MANY_REQUESTS141Too many requests.
ERR_TRADE_MODIFY_DENIED145Modification denied because an order is too close to market.
ERR_TRADE_CONTEXT_BUSY146Trade context is busy.
ERR_TRADE_EXPIRATION_DENIED147Expirations are denied by broker.
ERR_TRADE_TOO_MANY_ORDERS148The amount of opened and pending orders has reached the limit set by a broker.

Hier finden Sie die MT4 Fehlercodes: #

Here you can find the MT4 error codes: #

ERR_SUCCESS0The operation completed successfully
ERR_INTERNAL_ERROR4001Unexpected internal error
ERR_WRONG_INTERNAL_PARAMETER4002Wrong parameter in the inner call of the client terminal function
ERR_INVALID_PARAMETER4003Wrong parameter when calling the system function
ERR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY4004Not enough memory to perform the system function
ERR_STRUCT_WITHOBJECTS_ORCLASS4005The structure contains objects of strings and/or dynamic arrays and/or structure of such objects and/or classes
ERR_INVALID_ARRAY4006Array of a wrong type, wrong size, or a damaged object of a dynamic array
ERR_ARRAY_RESIZE_ERROR4007Not enough memory for the relocation of an array, or an attempt to change the size of a static array
ERR_STRING_RESIZE_ERROR4008Not enough memory for the relocation of string
ERR_NOTINITIALIZED_STRING4009Not initialized string
ERR_INVALID_DATETIME4010Invalid date and/or time
ERR_ARRAY_BAD_SIZE4011Total amount of elements in the array cannot exceed 2147483647
ERR_INVALID_POINTER4012Wrong pointer
ERR_INVALID_POINTER_TYPE4013Wrong type of pointer
ERR_FUNCTION_NOT_ALLOWED4014Function is not allowed for call
ERR_RESOURCE_NAME_DUPLICATED4015The names of the dynamic and the static resource match
ERR_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND4016Resource with this name has not been found in EX5
ERR_RESOURCE_UNSUPPOTED_TYPE4017Unsupported resource type or its size exceeds 16 Mb
ERR_RESOURCE_NAME_IS_TOO_LONG4018The resource name exceeds 63 characters
ERR_MATH_OVERFLOW4019Overflow occurred when calculating math function
ERR_SLEEP_ERROR4020Out of test end date after calling Sleep()
ERR_PROGRAM_STOPPED4022Test forcibly stopped from the outside. For example, optimization interrupted, visual testing window closed or testing agent stopped
ERR_CHART_WRONG_ID4101Wrong chart ID
ERR_CHART_NO_REPLY4102Chart does not respond
ERR_CHART_NOT_FOUND4103Chart not found
ERR_CHART_NO_EXPERT4104No Expert Advisor in the chart that could handle the event
ERR_CHART_CANNOT_OPEN4105Chart opening error
ERR_CHART_CANNOT_CHANGE4106Failed to change chart symbol and period
ERR_CHART_WRONG_PARAMETER4107Error value of the parameter for the function of working with charts
ERR_CHART_CANNOT_CREATE_TIMER4108Failed to create timer
ERR_CHART_WRONG_PROPERTY4109Wrong chart property ID
ERR_CHART_SCREENSHOT_FAILED4110Error creating screenshots
ERR_CHART_NAVIGATE_FAILED4111Error navigating through chart
ERR_CHART_TEMPLATE_FAILED4112Error applying template
ERR_CHART_WINDOW_NOT_FOUND4113Subwindow containing the indicator was not found
ERR_CHART_INDICATOR_CANNOT_ADD4114Error adding an indicator to chart
ERR_CHART_INDICATOR_CANNOT_DEL4115Error deleting an indicator from the chart
ERR_CHART_INDICATOR_NOT_FOUND4116Indicator not found on the specified chart
Graphical Objects  
ERR_OBJECT_ERROR4201Error working with a graphical object
ERR_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND4202Graphical object was not found
ERR_OBJECT_WRONG_PROPERTY4203Wrong ID of a graphical object property
ERR_OBJECT_GETDATE_FAILED4204Unable to get date corresponding to the value
ERR_OBJECT_GETVALUE_FAILED4205Unable to get value corresponding to the date
ERR_MARKET_NOT_SELECTED4302Symbol is not selected in MarketWatch
ERR_MARKET_WRONG_PROPERTY4303Wrong identifier of a symbol property
ERR_MARKET_LASTTIME_UNKNOWN4304Time of the last tick is not known (no ticks)
ERR_MARKET_SELECT_ERROR4305Error adding or deleting a symbol in MarketWatch
History Access  
ERR_HISTORY_NOT_FOUND4401Requested history not found
ERR_HISTORY_WRONG_PROPERTY4402Wrong ID of the history property
ERR_HISTORY_TIMEOUT4403Exceeded history request timeout
ERR_HISTORY_BARS_LIMIT4404Number of requested bars limited by terminal settings
ERR_HISTORY_LOAD_ERRORS4405Multiple errors when loading history
ERR_HISTORY_SMALL_BUFFER4407Receiving array is too small to store all requested data
ERR_GLOBALVARIABLE_NOT_FOUND4501Global variable of the client terminal is not found
ERR_GLOBALVARIABLE_EXISTS4502Global variable of the client terminal with the same name already exists
ERR_GLOBALVARIABLE_NOT_MODIFIED4503Global variables were not modified
ERR_GLOBALVARIABLE_CANNOTREAD4504Cannot read file with global variable values
ERR_GLOBALVARIABLE_CANNOTWRITE4505Cannot write file with global variable values
ERR_MAIL_SEND_FAILED4510Email sending failed
ERR_PLAY_SOUND_FAILED4511Sound playing failed
ERR_MQL5_WRONG_PROPERTY4512Wrong identifier of the program property
ERR_TERMINAL_WRONG_PROPERTY4513Wrong identifier of the terminal property
ERR_FTP_SEND_FAILED4514File sending via ftp failed
ERR_NOTIFICATION_SEND_FAILED4515Failed to send a notification
ERR_NOTIFICATION_WRONG_PARAMETER4516Invalid parameter for sending a notification – an empty string or NULL has been passed to the SendNotification() function
ERR_NOTIFICATION_WRONG_SETTINGS4517Wrong settings of notifications in the terminal (ID is not specified or permission is not set)
ERR_NOTIFICATION_TOO_FREQUENT4518Too frequent sending of notifications
ERR_FTP_NOSERVER4519FTP server is not specified
ERR_FTP_NOLOGIN4520FTP login is not specified
ERR_FTP_FILE_ERROR4521File not found in the MQL5\Files directory to send on FTP server
ERR_FTP_CONNECT_FAILED4522FTP connection failed
ERR_FTP_CHANGEDIR4523FTP path not found on server
ERR_FTP_CLOSED4524FTP connection closed
Custom Indicator Buffers  
ERR_BUFFERS_NO_MEMORY4601Not enough memory for the distribution of indicator buffers
ERR_BUFFERS_WRONG_INDEX4602Wrong indicator buffer index
Custom Indicator Properties  
ERR_CUSTOM_WRONG_PROPERTY4603Wrong ID of the custom indicator property
ERR_ACCOUNT_WRONG_PROPERTY4701Wrong account property ID
ERR_TRADE_WRONG_PROPERTY4751Wrong trade property ID
ERR_TRADE_DISABLED4752Trading by Expert Advisors prohibited
ERR_TRADE_POSITION_NOT_FOUND4753Position not found
ERR_TRADE_ORDER_NOT_FOUND4754Order not found
ERR_TRADE_DEAL_NOT_FOUND4755Deal not found
ERR_TRADE_SEND_FAILED4756Trade request sending failed
ERR_TRADE_CALC_FAILED4758Failed to calculate profit or margin
ERR_INDICATOR_CANNOT_CREATE4802Indicator cannot be created
ERR_INDICATOR_NO_MEMORY4803Not enough memory to add the indicator
ERR_INDICATOR_CANNOT_APPLY4804The indicator cannot be applied to another indicator
ERR_INDICATOR_CANNOT_ADD4805Error applying an indicator to chart
ERR_INDICATOR_DATA_NOT_FOUND4806Requested data not found
ERR_INDICATOR_WRONG_HANDLE4807Wrong indicator handle
ERR_INDICATOR_WRONG_PARAMETERS4808Wrong number of parameters when creating an indicator
ERR_INDICATOR_PARAMETERS_MISSING4809No parameters when creating an indicator
ERR_INDICATOR_CUSTOM_NAME4810The first parameter in the array must be the name of the custom indicator
ERR_INDICATOR_PARAMETER_TYPE4811Invalid parameter type in the array when creating an indicator
ERR_INDICATOR_WRONG_INDEX4812Wrong index of the requested indicator buffer
Depth of Market  
ERR_BOOKS_CANNOT_ADD4901Depth Of Market can not be added
ERR_BOOKS_CANNOT_DELETE4902Depth Of Market can not be removed
ERR_BOOKS_CANNOT_GET4903The data from Depth Of Market can not be obtained
ERR_BOOKS_CANNOT_SUBSCRIBE4904Error in subscribing to receive new data from Depth Of Market
File Operations  
ERR_TOO_MANY_FILES5001More than 64 files cannot be opened at the same time
ERR_WRONG_FILENAME5002Invalid file name
ERR_TOO_LONG_FILENAME5003Too long file name
ERR_CANNOT_OPEN_FILE5004File opening error
ERR_FILE_CACHEBUFFER_ERROR5005Not enough memory for cache to read
ERR_CANNOT_DELETE_FILE5006File deleting error
ERR_INVALID_FILEHANDLE5007A file with this handle was closed, or was not opening at all
ERR_WRONG_FILEHANDLE5008Wrong file handle
ERR_FILE_NOTTOWRITE5009The file must be opened for writing
ERR_FILE_NOTTOREAD5010The file must be opened for reading
ERR_FILE_NOTBIN5011The file must be opened as a binary one
ERR_FILE_NOTTXT5012The file must be opened as a text
ERR_FILE_NOTTXTORCSV5013The file must be opened as a text or CSV
ERR_FILE_NOTCSV5014The file must be opened as CSV
ERR_FILE_READERROR5015File reading error
ERR_FILE_BINSTRINGSIZE5016String size must be specified, because the file is opened as binary
ERR_INCOMPATIBLE_FILE5017A text file must be for string arrays, for other arrays – binary
ERR_FILE_IS_DIRECTORY5018This is not a file, this is a directory
ERR_FILE_NOT_EXIST5019File does not exist
ERR_FILE_CANNOT_REWRITE5020File can not be rewritten
ERR_WRONG_DIRECTORYNAME5021Wrong directory name
ERR_DIRECTORY_NOT_EXIST5022Directory does not exist
ERR_FILE_ISNOT_DIRECTORY5023This is a file, not a directory
ERR_CANNOT_DELETE_DIRECTORY5024The directory cannot be removed
ERR_CANNOT_CLEAN_DIRECTORY5025Failed to clear the directory (probably one or more files are blocked and removal operation failed)
ERR_FILE_WRITEERROR5026Failed to write a resource to a file
ERR_FILE_ENDOFFILE5027Unable to read the next piece of data from a CSV file (FileReadString, FileReadNumber, FileReadDatetime, FileReadBool), since the end of file is reached
String Casting  
ERR_NO_STRING_DATE5030No date in the string
ERR_WRONG_STRING_DATE5031Wrong date in the string
ERR_WRONG_STRING_TIME5032Wrong time in the string
ERR_STRING_TIME_ERROR5033Error converting string to date
ERR_STRING_OUT_OF_MEMORY5034Not enough memory for the string
ERR_STRING_SMALL_LEN5035The string length is less than expected
ERR_STRING_TOO_BIGNUMBER5036Too large number, more than ULONG_MAX
ERR_WRONG_FORMATSTRING5037Invalid format string
ERR_TOO_MANY_FORMATTERS5038Amount of format specifiers more than the parameters
ERR_TOO_MANY_PARAMETERS5039Amount of parameters more than the format specifiers
ERR_WRONG_STRING_PARAMETER5040Damaged parameter of string type
ERR_STRINGPOS_OUTOFRANGE5041Position outside the string
ERR_STRING_ZEROADDED50420 added to the string end, a useless operation
ERR_STRING_UNKNOWNTYPE5043Unknown data type when converting to a string
ERR_WRONG_STRING_OBJECT5044Damaged string object
Operations with Arrays  
ERR_INCOMPATIBLE_ARRAYS5050Copying incompatible arrays. String array can be copied only to a string array, and a numeric array – in numeric array only
ERR_SMALL_ASSERIES_ARRAY5051The receiving array is declared as AS_SERIES, and it is of insufficient size
ERR_SMALL_ARRAY5052Too small array, the starting position is outside the array
ERR_ZEROSIZE_ARRAY5053An array of zero length
ERR_NUMBER_ARRAYS_ONLY5054Must be a numeric array
ERR_ONEDIM_ARRAYS_ONLY5055Must be a one-dimensional array
ERR_SERIES_ARRAY5056Timeseries cannot be used
ERR_DOUBLE_ARRAY_ONLY5057Must be an array of type double
ERR_FLOAT_ARRAY_ONLY5058Must be an array of type float
ERR_LONG_ARRAY_ONLY5059Must be an array of type long
ERR_INT_ARRAY_ONLY5060Must be an array of type int
ERR_SHORT_ARRAY_ONLY5061Must be an array of type short
ERR_CHAR_ARRAY_ONLY5062Must be an array of type char
ERR_STRING_ARRAY_ONLY5063String array only
Operations with OpenCL  
ERR_OPENCL_NOT_SUPPORTED5100OpenCL functions are not supported on this computer
ERR_OPENCL_INTERNAL5101Internal error occurred when running OpenCL
ERR_OPENCL_CONTEXT_CREATE5103Error creating the OpenCL context
ERR_OPENCL_QUEUE_CREATE5104Failed to create a run queue in OpenCL
ERR_OPENCL_PROGRAM_CREATE5105Error occurred when compiling an OpenCL program
ERR_OPENCL_TOO_LONG_KERNEL_NAME5106Too long kernel name (OpenCL kernel)
ERR_OPENCL_KERNEL_CREATE5107Error creating an OpenCL kernel
ERR_OPENCL_SET_KERNEL_PARAMETER5108Error occurred when setting parameters for the OpenCL kernel
ERR_OPENCL_EXECUTE5109OpenCL program runtime error
ERR_OPENCL_WRONG_BUFFER_SIZE5110Invalid size of the OpenCL buffer
ERR_OPENCL_WRONG_BUFFER_OFFSET5111Invalid offset in the OpenCL buffer
ERR_OPENCL_BUFFER_CREATE5112Failed to create an OpenCL buffer
ERR_OPENCL_TOO_MANY_OBJECTS5113Too many OpenCL objects
ERR_OPENCL_SELECTDEVICE5114OpenCL device selection error
Working with databases  
ERR_DATABASE_INTERNAL5120Internal database error
ERR_DATABASE_INVALID_HANDLE5121Invalid database handle
ERR_DATABASE_TOO_MANY_OBJECTS5122Exceeded the maximum acceptable number of Database objects
ERR_DATABASE_CONNECT5123Database connection error
ERR_DATABASE_EXECUTE5124Request execution error
ERR_DATABASE_PREPARE5125Request generation error
ERR_DATABASE_NO_MORE_DATA5126No more data to read
ERR_DATABASE_STEP5127Failed to move to the next request entry
ERR_DATABASE_NOT_READY5128Data for reading request results are not ready yet
ERR_DATABASE_BIND_PARAMETERS5129Failed to auto substitute parameters to an SQL request
Operations with WebRequest  
ERR_WEBREQUEST_CONNECT_FAILED5201Failed to connect to specified URL
ERR_WEBREQUEST_TIMEOUT5202Timeout exceeded
Operations with network (sockets)  
ERR_NETSOCKET_INVALIDHANDLE5270Invalid socket handle passed to function
ERR_NETSOCKET_TOO_MANY_OPENED5271Too many open sockets (max 128)
ERR_NETSOCKET_CANNOT_CONNECT5272Failed to connect to remote host
ERR_NETSOCKET_IO_ERROR5273Failed to send/receive data from socket
ERR_NETSOCKET_HANDSHAKE_FAILED5274Failed to establish secure connection (TLS Handshake)
ERR_NETSOCKET_NO_CERTIFICATE5275No data on certificate protecting the connection
Custom Symbols  
ERR_NOT_CUSTOM_SYMBOL5300A custom symbol must be specified
ERR_CUSTOM_SYMBOL_WRONG_NAME5301The name of the custom symbol is invalid. The symbol name can only contain Latin letters without punctuation, spaces or special characters (may only contain “.”, “_”, “&” and “#”). It is not recommended to use characters <, >, :, “, /,\, |, ?, *.
ERR_CUSTOM_SYMBOL_NAME_LONG5302The name of the custom symbol is too long. The length of the symbol name must not exceed 32 characters including the ending 0 character
ERR_CUSTOM_SYMBOL_PATH_LONG5303The path of the custom symbol is too long. The path length should not exceed 128 characters including “Custom\\”, the symbol name, group separators and the ending 0
ERR_CUSTOM_SYMBOL_EXIST5304A custom symbol with the same name already exists
ERR_CUSTOM_SYMBOL_ERROR5305Error occurred while creating, deleting or changing the custom symbol
ERR_CUSTOM_SYMBOL_SELECTED5306You are trying to delete a custom symbol selected in Market Watch
ERR_CUSTOM_SYMBOL_PROPERTY_WRONG5307An invalid custom symbol property
ERR_CUSTOM_SYMBOL_PARAMETER_ERROR5308A wrong parameter while setting the property of a custom symbol
ERR_CUSTOM_SYMBOL_PARAMETER_LONG5309A too long string parameter while setting the property of a custom symbol
ERR_CUSTOM_TICKS_WRONG_ORDER5310Ticks in the array are not arranged in the order of time
Economic Calendar  
ERR_CALENDAR_MORE_DATA5400Array size is insufficient for receiving descriptions of all values
ERR_CALENDAR_TIMEOUT5401Request time limit exceeded
ERR_CALENDAR_NO_DATA5402Country is not found
Working with databases  
ERR_DATABASE_ERROR  5601Generic error
ERR_DATABASE_INTERNAL5602SQLite internal logic error
ERR_DATABASE_PERM5603Access denied
ERR_DATABASE_ABORT5604Callback routine requested abort
ERR_DATABASE_BUSY5605Database file locked
ERR_DATABASE_LOCKED5606Database table locked
ERR_DATABASE_NOMEM5607Insufficient memory for completing operation
ERR_DATABASE_READONLY5608Attempt to write to readonly database
ERR_DATABASE_INTERRUPT5609Operation terminated by sqlite3_interrupt()
ERR_DATABASE_CORRUPT5611Database disk image corrupted
ERR_DATABASE_NOTFOUND5612Unknown operation code in sqlite3_file_control()
ERR_DATABASE_FULL5613Insertion failed because database is full
ERR_DATABASE_CANTOPEN5614Unable to open the database file
ERR_DATABASE_PROTOCOL5615Database lock protocol error
ERR_DATABASE_EMPTY5616Internal use only
ERR_DATABASE_SCHEMA5617Database schema changed
ERR_DATABASE_TOOBIG5618String or BLOB exceeds size limit
ERR_DATABASE_CONSTRAINT5619Abort due to constraint violation
ERR_DATABASE_MISMATCH5620Data type mismatch
ERR_DATABASE_MISUSE5621Library used incorrectly
ERR_DATABASE_NOLFS5622Uses OS features not supported on host
ERR_DATABASE_AUTH5623Authorization denied
ERR_DATABASE_RANGE5625Bind parameter error, incorrect index
ERR_DATABASE_NOTADB5626File opened that is not database file
User-Defined Errors  
ERR_USER_ERROR_FIRST65536User defined errors start with this code